On a mission to return home


Augmented Aliens are a unique collection of 5000 NFTs depicting extraterrestrials from Planet Musk, their community is built off the backbone of freedom & personal growth.


Join the Augmented Aliens in their Interstellar Journey!

The Aliens are finally rebuilding their spaceship to leave earth & return to Planet Musk. After being trapped for nearly a decade, the aliens have almost accumulated enough resources to refire their ship. What fate awaits the Aliens?

Before Launch

In order to get the spaceship off the ground, the aliens must spread the word about their venture through social media. The world needs to know about this out-of-this world artwork after all! During the reconstruction of their ship, they ran into unlikely friends...bears?! These aren’t just any bears, they are Baller Bears...and they want to help return the aliens back home. This partnership is vital for the return of the aliens, so they have reserved 5000 mintable aliens for the Baller Bear community. They plan to exchange the aliens for the bears’ precious $honey token.

Way Back Home

The launch was a success! With their spaceship rebuilt and with their mind set on returning home, the Aliens are finally buckling up for the long ride home. It’s been a long time coming!

Unexpected Welcome

Finally, the aliens are back en route to their home planet. Things might seem calm but this is where the real journey begins. The aliens soon figured out their home had been taken over and had to return to the place where their journey Knowing that their home has been taken over, the last of the alien population set a goal to flourish and become the most recognized figures on their planet.

Post Mint - The Saga Continues

The aliens collaborate together to uplift one another, with so few of us aliens remaining...we must stick together & create a brotherhood to thrive in the world of unknown. Our ultimate goal is to return home and fight for our old home, Planet Musk.


Tan Choudhury

(Head Marketing)

Reece Hunter

(Head Developer)

Cathy Fabian

(Project Manager)

Claire Aragon

(Creative Consultant)

Noreen Datu

Graphic Designer

Victory Akinola